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Ghar ka khaana.. Aapke Ghar tak!

Our Mission

To provide home-like food to all those who are too busy to cook themselves, or those who live away from home and miss home-like food every day, or simply those who are tired of eating junk food every day because they don’t like the food in their current tiffin either!

We take pride in providing home-like food without compromising on the taste and quality of food. We understand eating right food each day is essential to a healthy and happy life and hence each meal that we prepare is rich in required proteins and minerals.

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Why MnM Foods?

Fresh Farm Food

“We are what we eat”. How true! If you eat fresh food each day, you’ll be fresh each day. And that’s why our veggies are 100% frozen free and picked by us daily from fresh farm market.

We assure our kitchen is as hygienic as you would like to keep yours. What else better than fresh food cooked in a well maintained and hygienic kitchen for you.

Pure Veg

Rest assured.. You'll get 100% pure vegetarian food prepared by pure vegetarian cook.

Fresh Meal Daily

All your meals are prepared on the same day, 2 hours prior to delivery.

You can be rest assured.. You get fresh food each day.

And .. to top it.. You get unique food each day of the week.

Eating healthy and Contributing to the nature .. Together!

We understand how crucial recycling is to the nature.. and how crucial it is to get your food in right containers…
And that’s why we focus on;

Not using the “use and throw” PLASTIC materials.


Yes! You will not get your food in plastic anymore.

So how do you get your food from us?

With your Lunch box

You give your favorite lunch box everyday and we’ll just fill it with our delicious food the next day. (You’ll have to buy 2 of those to alternate each days).

With Our Lunch box

We’ll buy 2 sets of lunch box for you.. We give you a filled lunch box each day and you return it, cleaned and washed the next day when we give you another lunch box set the second day

Don’t worry.. These 2 lunch boxes will be dedicated to you only.

With Use & Throw Box

Entire food will be packed in either of the below.

Paper box and container
Aluminum Foil, bowls, boxes

Act of giving and social cause

We understand the pain of being hungry… and that’s why we want to give it back to the poor and the needy.  We pledge to gift 10% of our total profit in a month to the poor and needy.

Our Food Gallery

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